Off-hour order placement

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If you are busy during Market Hours, if your time zone doesn’t allow you to keep track of KSE, if you are traveling or if there is any reason which hinders you from placing your orders during the KSE Market Hours, KASB Direct provides Off Hour Order Placement service specially designed to cater your needs. KASB Direct Off Hour Order Placement facility provides you the convenience of placing your orders even when the market is closed.

The off-hour order placement facility opens investment opportunities in the Capital market for expatriate Pakistanis who are unable to actively invest in KSE due to the time difference. For the local investors who are busy during the day time, it provides a great opportunity to fulfill their investment needs. The mechanism for Off Hour Order Placement facility is simple & convenient; it is the same as regular order placement;

  • Customers can place their orders even after the market is closed.
  • Orders placed during off-hours will stay in queue till the market pre-open status
  • On the next trading day, at market pre-open all orders received during the off-hours will be sent to KSE – automatically.
  • Orders placed during the off-hour can be cancelled before or after the pre-open stage, if not executed.
  • Off Hour orders are valid for a single session

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