For KASB Direct customers Lowest Commission can become even lower!! KASB Direct offers for the first time in Pakistan Cash Back Reward for stock investors. This facility will be available for both Basic and Premier account holders.

KASB Direct Rebate facility is very simple and straightforward;

Commission   Rebate  
  Less than Rs. 25,000   0%
25,000 to 50,000 10%
50,000 to 75,000 15%
75,000 and above 20%


Total Commission     Rs. 100,000

Commission   Rebate Percentage   Rebate Amount
  0-25,000   0% 0
25,001– 50,000 10% 2500
50,001-75,000 15% 3750
75,001-100,000 20% 5000
Total Rebate   Rs. 11,250

The More You Trade, The Less You Pay!!



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